Our Story

Before black mold exposure
Simon & Isabella, 2009

Back in 2009, I was doing my best to blend into the couch while playing hide-and-seek with my 5-year-old daughter, Isabella.

While she searched our San Francisco apartment in my usual hiding spots, I saw a strange shadow on the wall coming from behind the couch.

When the game ended, I pulled the couch away from the wall to see what that shadow was. I was shocked to find what I soon realized was a mass of black mold spanning the entire wall. The baseboards were rotting where the mold was eating through the paint, and there was a greenish dust covering the lower parts of the wall and carpet. It had a very distinct smell—like the stuffy odor of an over-packed antique store.

It was so surreal and shocking to see this post-apocalyptic-looking mess lurking behind the couch in our clean and tidy apartment.

I took a photo and called my landlord, but after waiting a few days, they were a no-show. So, armed with a sponge and some household cleaner, I scrubbed the mold off the wall and vacuumed up the mold dust. Probably not the smartest decision I have ever made… but I didn't know any better at the time.

My guess is that the mold was there for at least 9-12 months before I discovered it. In my defense, the couch was one of those large sectional-type couches pushed up against the wall. I never thought to move it or clean behind it—as a single dad, I had lots of other jobs and chores to do, so I just never got around to it.

Soon after cleaning the mold off the wall and carpet, the apartment became increasingly mold-prone. I’m guessing my amateur remediation job had unintentionally spread mold spores throughout our apartment—and that, mixed with high humidity levels, created the perfect environment for mold. I would find mold growing all over the place. I found it in our closets, inside the base heaters, the bottom of garbage cans, the edges of the carpets, lining the window frames—even inside our clothes hamper. The list went on and on.

This constant cleaning and hunting for new outbreaks continued for almost a year.  I learned a lot during that time about where and how mold can grow. One thing to know about mold is that it LOVES moisture. Things only started to get under control after I began running an oversized dehumidifier round the clock and was able to get the moisture levels back into balance. I suspect there may have been some kind of flood event that happened before we had moved in, as I’d never experienced anything like that before.

At the time, I was working from home. And to make matters worse, my work area was just a few feet away from the couch. It didn’t take long to realize that something was very, very wrong—and the toxic mold was at the root of what was going on with our health. At first, I had no idea the cause of our issues lay just behind the couch in what turned out to be a mold infested apartment. I learned, though…boy, did I learn…

It was bad for us both. My issues were mostly with my skin, joints, nose and eyes, along with terrible brain fog. But my daughter was hit much worse - both in body and mind. The increasing torment and frustration she had to endure day after day was the worst of it all. I remember the absolute helplessness I felt as a parent not knowing what was going on or how to help her. And it was getting worse.

We went to various specialists and tried a ton of products, but nothing helped.

It was a very dark time in our lives.

Finally—A Solution That Worked

Exhausted and out of options, I finally came across a highly skilled master herbalist, Cofe Fiakpui. Cofe’s knowledge base was and is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing practices. These have been developed over thousands of years—thousands of years before conventional western medicine was born.

After sharing our story, it turned out Cofe had a tremendous wealth of experience with toxic mold. For the past 12 years, he had been testing and refining an herbal supplement specifically designed for dealing with mold exposure. As a result, his herbal combination was helping hundreds of people who had been exposed to mold, including his own family.

He gave us some to try.

During the first few days of taking it, I remember having this ongoing headache and was unusually exhausted, having to take naps at random times during the day as my body crashed. This extreme fatigue lasted several days before it—and my other health issues—started to improve. I later learned that this fatigue was probably what many in alternative medicine call a “healing crisis”. I was exhausted because the herbs were helping my body kill off the mold, and to conserve the energy needed for this detoxification, my body craved sleep.*

I didn’t notice too much had changed with Isabella until after about the third day. Then, I began noticing that her body started to calm down and relax, her breathing became normal again, and her daily physical and mental struggles started to subside.*

There are no words to describe how good it felt to see her happy old self return.

To this day my daughter and I are both in excellent health. She’s a straight-A student doing great both in and out of school. Her only struggle currently is questionable fashion choices. And for me, the only thing I notice nowadays is that I’ve become a pretty good mold detector—sometimes when mold is nearby, I get a familiar tingling/electrical sensation in my skin and joints. Comes in handy sometimes so I don't consider it a bad thing.

After seeing how well it worked for us, I knew I had to make Cofe’s formula available to other moldies struggling with mold exposure. So, with Cofe’s blessing, I turned his solution into an easy-to-use supplement, and named it MoldDTX™.

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J. Hernandez